The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist – Practical Guide

New product launch checklist to insanely increase your product reach and awareness. The perfect product launch plan that can eliminate the guesswork. Here is your one size fit all solution for the perfect SaaS product launch checklist. 

Well, I am inclined to put it that way but the reality is different. 

When it comes to a new product launch checklist or software product launch checklist, there is a different demand for each product.   

If you are looking for “One Perfect new product launch checklist” for all your products, then I am sorry, there is still a long way to go for that. 

How to launch a new software product? What is the pre-launch marketing checklist? Is there a universal product launch plan template?  What to do when launching a new product? How to launch a SaaS product into the digital landscape? How can a SaaS website handle the launch? 

All these questions are answered here through clear, in-depth market research and precise data. 

Yes, each product is different and each requires a different approach but, there are certain things that each product needs for success. 

This online product launch checklist assists in generating six-seven figures in revenue.  

The taste of a particular dish may not be the same in every restaurant but the main ingredient will remain the same.  

Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of pointers that enables an enhanced digital product launch checklist approach. Get the word about your product out there before revealing it to the world. 

A software or a SaaS product launch checklist can be made extraordinarily by following these pointers. 

One Step at a Time – A Clear Guide 

The need of the hour is the ability to communicate in the right way. Right way of communication is nothing but letting your target audience know how your product is effective than the ones existing in the market. 

It is one of the ideal software product launch best practices. If you are going to launch a SaaS product then make sure that you have analyzed enough SaaS product launch examples before you step in.

USP of the Winning Product 

Unique Selling Point, what is our product’s unique selling point? And how are you planning to project it to the audience base?

This part decides the outcome of the effort you are going to put in for the best possible product launch. 

In the case of a new product launch checklist, USP holds an imperative place. The entire weight of the product launch plan steps resides on your product USP and how you project it. 

Psst!! Hey listen here, Your USP statement should contain a mission and it should include; how your product addresses the needs or pain points of a specific target group.

The moment you nail your USP, then it’s definitely an upwards graph from there. Also, as an added note, you can get your product into as many people’s hands as possible. It will help in distilling your USP. 

Make sure that SaaS launch checklist or online product is on point when it comes to USP. 

USP Stripe Payment
image source: Stripe

If you look at the above example, it will be clear. The question “what to do when launching a new product” starts with your USP. The stripe USP is on point and it clearly denotes the reason why it should be used.

Keep in mind, your product may or may not be groundbreaking but with a perfect USP, things can go north quickly. Therefore, the first part of your product launch marketing checklist is to have the perfect Unique Selling Point. 

In simple terms, USP are kind of like the perfect pick up lines that can land you on a date anytime.😉 

Through Market Analysis

You definitely would have analyzed the market once you decided on the product. Market analysis before building the product is completely different from one you must do before a product launch. 

If your market analysis for product launch is perfect then you should definitely know about the “modern customer”, they are smart and can easily identify a marketing-talk. 

 So, what does market analysis mean? Hold your horse mate, I am getting to it. 

Hey you, let me tell you a secret. A complete market analysis backed by data is the number uno way to escape from pitfalls while launching your product into a new market. It improves your product visibility

A per-launch market analysis is where even some of the best products in the digital spectrum make the fall. So, be diligent when it comes to pre-launch market analysis. There are seven steps involved in performing the best-in-class market research for your digital product launch checklist. 

Super Seven Market Analysis

Super Seven – Perfect Per Launch Market Analysis 

  1. Competitors performance
  2. Identifying target customers 
  3. Going according to the planned strategy?  
  4. Is the USP refined and ready? 
  5. Product overall approach test 
  6. A red carpet for the marketing campaign 
  7. Closely monitor product lifecycle 

You may be launching a SaaS product or preparing a SaaS product launch marketing plan or getting ready for a simple product, whatever may be the reason, please don’t ignore these points to deliver the best data-based results in your pre-launch marketing checklist. 

Funnel strategy or flywheel approach, you need precise data about the market in which you are going to be a part of. 

Software product launch checklists contain many moving parts, and to create a perfect per launch marketing checklist you need to have all the moving parts organized. 

Note: As you create an effective strategy, you should start considering the type of content that will be used for customer attraction during the consideration and purchase stage. 

Final Product Testing 

One of the important steps of product launch steps marketing is testing. Take time to test every single aspect of your product before launching. This final test is similar to the countdown test before a rocket launch. 

Be through and leave no room for error. There is nothing more worse than launching a sub-par product. 

Final overall testing must be an integral part of your digital product launch checklist, there is no other way to go. 

Launching a sub-par software product is bad for credibility and you will start to go downhill before you begin. 

Product launch plan steps must be discussed with your testers and before you go live gather your testers and get their inputs on the product. It will be super helpful and can help you avoid easily fixable problems and tweak your product as needed. Similar to the best SEO methods employed in your website, the final product testing should be often done and monitored closely.

Hello,  Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure that you have multiple batches of products and that you’ve tested them all to ensure it’s ready to go from day one.

The best method is to conduct testing at least a fortnight before your planned launch. It should be noted in your product launch checklist. When you perform a product test that is too late, then you risk disappointing users who are waiting for it. Also, if you change any variable, remember to check it again.

Marketing Plan – Double Check it NOW!!

Your new product launch checklist is perfect when you have a place for checking your marketing plan more than once. 

In this digital age, marketing is a tedious task and it should not have any loopholes or mistakes. Put some effort into making your marketing plan, it should put the limelight on your products best features. It will help you to secure more customers in the initial stages itself and higher chances of increasing your loyal customer base. 

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

There is nothing wrong in double-checking your plans. When you prepare a product launch checklist, there are certain things that should be done multiple times to make sure of error-free delivery, marketing plan is one of them. 

For example, when you are preparing a SaaS product, examples of well established marketing strategy should be taken into consideration. Releasing from a press release to following software product launch best practises, make sure that everything is on the point. 

There are so many approaches for a software product launch checklist but when it comes to a new product launch checklist make sure your marketing plan is foolproof. 

User Documentation 

Before preparing a new product launch checklist, make sure that you have clear user documentation for end users and admins to learn and set up your product. If you have followed a SaaS product launch plan template then you would have definitely noticed a separate place for user documentation. 

User documentation is vital to any product launch plan checklist, and it needs to be clean and clear. 

Your user documentation may include; tutorials, user and troubleshooting guides, installation, and reference manuals. 

All these technical information you give out must be clear, it should not confuse your user and also, it needs to act as an assisting documentation for your customer support team. 

Include user documentation checks in your pre-launch checklist and allot a specific time in the schedule to update it whenever necessary. Also, make sure that you update your user documentation whenever a new feature is added to your product. 

Structuring Sales and Support Teams

For any new product launch checklist, formulating a sales and support team is the foundation. As soon as your product goes live, the sales team is the one that will bring in high-volume sales.  

Have a special place for sales and support teams in your product launch checklist marketing. 

Make sure that all the sales people in the team are properly trained and are confident about executing the product launch plan checklist. They are an integral part that often brings in huge success at a short span of time. 

Your new product launch checklist may be exceptional, but there will be some shortcomings and pitfalls. To handle those you need the best support team. A team that can flat out any bumps and customer grievances. 

Both the sales and support team must be clear on the USP about the product and what makes it stand out in the market. 

They should be able to describe its value to various user and buyer personas. Train them on how the product works and what its features are; enable them to conduct demos if needed. Salespeople should also be able to advise customers on a subscription plan based on their budget and requirements if the product has several pricing options.

Supply your customer support representatives with the documentation so they know the product functionality and peculiarities well and can help new users become proficient by answering their questions or linking to additional content. Also, establish a procedure on how to document user complaints and politely respond to critical feedback.

Date and time of Launch 

Selecting the date and time of the launch is important, when it comes to software product launch best practises, the timing is imperative. 

Why are date and timing important? The market is empowered with the ability to make or break your product the moment you unveil it. Therefore it is crucial to pick the right date for premiering your product is so crucial to the overall success.

Letting the world know the date and time of your product launch will create a hype and expectation about your product. Be sure to create impact from the initial days of the release. Be it a new product or a new feature to an existing product, the timing is crucial. 

Think through the impact created by the product launch plan steps. Inspect the market and finalize the date and time. You don’t want to launch your product when the world is busy with their vacation. It will be a drastic hit for the product and a huge dent in the product launch steps marketing. 

Launch Goal

What is your launch goal? What is your main objective in mind when launching the product? 

Are you focusing on specific sales, or increasing customer engagement with your product? 

Be clear on what your launch goal is. It will help in measuring the success of your product. What can be measured can be easily managed. Measuring the success of your product launch goal will help in learning more about your product reception in the market. It will help in gauging your audience response to your product and things that need to be changed for better audience engagement and reach. 

For example, when it comes to the SaaS product launch checklist. The product team must be informed about the measuring level of launch success. This will allow the entire team to take responsibility for increasing measuring metrics value. 

What are the important metrics that should be included in your launch goal?

Percentage of customer reviews
Positive reviews vs Negative Reviews vs Neutral Reviews 
Customer retention after a certain period of time 
Actual Purchases vs Forecast 
Impact of added features in the total conversion 
Gained media attention vs Expectation 
Expected product registrations vs Actual Product registration.

These are some of the important launch goal metrics that should be included to your launch goal and should be monitored keenly in the initial launch days. 

Product Hype and Awareness 

Our in-depth market analysis showed a clear picture when it comes to hype and awareness surrounding a product launch. 

Customers don’t just buy products, they are interested in stories and improved versions of the product. Let them know about your product story. 

Launching a press release campaign, involving a hit digital media campaign and using the market influencers are some of the perfect ways to create hype for your product launch. This will inspire, amaze and bring interest among your target audience base. 

When it comes to planning a product launch checklist plan, make sure that you tap into your customer base and their emotions. Create a sense of happiness and excitement around the product. Encourage them to buy with no room for errors. 

Pricing Promotion Strategy

Product pricing structure is important, there are any factors to be considered before fixing the price of the product. The most common option for fixing the price is based on your competitors in the market. 

If you are looking for a software product launch best practices then you have numerous pricing models to consider and choose from. Make sure that the pricing structure is simple and each package you offer must also let the customers know about the features you offer with the package. 

When planning your new product launch checklist pay close attention to pricing of your product. Great products with bad pricing strategy have gone unnoticed during the initial launch.

You may let people use solutions for free, stick to the freemium model and only charge for the product’s upgraded versions, or introduce a one-time payment for access or download. Subscription plans and the pay-as-you-go approach are popular as well.

The pricing structure of your product must be profitable to you but at the same time should encourage customers to buy it. Find the perfect balance between them and as you progress, make the changes to according to the features or update that is added. 

Now, once the pricing is fixed, how will you let the customers know about the product and its price? 

Exactly, a great promotion strategy. During the product launch plan checklist formulate an outline for executing the perfect promotion strategy. Formulate, assign roles, and execute it to perfection. 

An effective promotion strategy involves detailed steps even for a minute step. A clear view of the channels that will be used for effective promotion must be included in this part. Make note that not all promotion strategies are a hit but the ones that emphasize on product value will eventually reach the pinnacle.  

There are some proven methods that work; 

promotion strategy
  • Lead generation – Reaching potential leads and drawing their attention. 
  • Content Marketing – Building trust and credibility through clear and accurate information. 
  • Social Media Marketing – Grow your product fanbase with engaging posts and videos. 

One of the best methods for better promotional strategy is to project your product USP and idea in the most elegant way to editors from respectable media outlets who will write a story or press release about your company and the upcoming release. 

If you cooperate with influencers, be sure you give a blogger enough time to try out a product, evaluate it, and decide whether they agree to promote it to their followers or not. Feedback from media partners never hurts. 

Planning the date for a press release and a launch event are other essential tasks on a promotion to-do list.

End and Evaluate launch 

Start and end date of a launch campaign is a must have one in your new product launch checklist. 

End date for a campaign does not mean that you need to stop selling the product on that date. But you do need to set a date in advance for the campaign to end.

It will help to focus on the product better. It may be a SaaS product checklist or any other product for that matter, you need to give an end date. 

Based on the results you get on the end date, you can generate momentum or else plan for an updated launch in the process. Having an end date will induce a sense of urgency among users and will push them into action. 

Whether your launch was a massive success, a disappointing failure, or something in between, take a few minutes to document how it went.

That way, you can set up your next launch to do even better.

Specifically, you want to answer questions like:

Evaluate Launch

You can answer the above questions anytime you want but the best time is a day or two after the product launch. The reason is, everything will be still fresh in your mind. 

Checklist to Define Product Features

As mentioned above, the goal of your product must be clear and should let the customer know what they are getting. The perfect product launch steps involves a specific part that explains the product features in a clear and concise manner. 

Product Features

Give businesses and individuals the perfect reason to select your product. Apart from having the perfect product launch marketing plan checklist, you need to have a clear idea about whom you want to target. 

To make it simple and easy to understand, clearly defining a feature helps you articulate the customer need and explain what needs to be built. Create story maps, mockups and enhance the delivery of your product features. All this combined together will be an advantage for intensifying your product. 

From a strategic standpoint, building features that resonate with customers and align with product goals is how you achieve the product vision and differentiate your product in the market. When product features support the strategy, you know that you are making a real impact on the business and in people’s lives.

Product Initiative 

The features of the product must be in alignment with your company and product strategy. Yes, I know, it is old school but it still works and it always will work. Make sure that there are no misplacements when it comes to delivering the best product initiative. 

The simplest way to do it is to align each feature with an objective that supports and has a high level theme of work. It will be extremely useful when it comes to strategic planning. 

Make your community and the whole world know the reason for your product. The initiative should be towards enhancing product features. The new product launch checklist must be clear and it should have a separate place for letting the initiative known. 

Product Persona 

If you have not already done so, create user personas to capture who your customers are and the challenges they face. Then connect each feature to a persona so the team can visualize who you are actually trying to help. Some teams also rely on user story mapping to better understand how each feature impacts the customer journey.

Product Goal 

The pointers given in the checklist will not only help you get started with the product launch checklist plan, but also will be of great assistance in creating your own product checklist template. With a clear product goal and specific template it will be easy for you to note the specific needs of your product and customers and provide clarity for the entire team. 

As soon as the features are up to the mark, it is time for the engineering team to roll up their sleeves. This will help you to prioritize the work that needs to be done. 

A clear way to have the best product goal is from defining features and creating requirements to attaching mockups and assigning due dates. You can also add custom fields to your feature cards to include any additional information you need.

Product Requirements

Get hold off the specific requirement that is mandatory to build a feature. A larger picture broken into smaller ones can help you to visualize things at hand. 

The requirements must match the current market trend and also will be of great help in understanding the procedure to implement the requirement. A trip towards the future of what your product should look like. 

Remember, your job as a product manager is not to define the technical details of how a feature should be implemented — that is the engineering team’s responsibility.

In a product launch checklist, all the checkboxes should be ticked when it comes to product requirements, because in the long run the features are the ones which will hold your product high on the top. 

Product Benefits 

What is the difference between product features and benefits? Well, the feature of the product is the functionality of the product whereas benefit refers to the value it offers to the user. 

Make sure to clearly define the value that the feature will bring to the user. Projecting the benefits clearly will be a major uplift, you need something that can truly empower the customer. Benefits may usually come at the end, but it has the potential to completely overturn the product progress. 

User Challenge from Product Perspective 

The obstacle faced by the user must be addressed first, right? 

Yes, and to do it use the perspective of how the features of the product mitigate the obstacle. This should be clear and to the point. A straight as an arrow approach that can mitigate the problem faced by the user.

For example: The user is struggling to X, and the feature addresses this challenge by Y.

Product Plan for Future – Roadmap 

Yes,a roadmap into the future. A proper and perfect product roadmap is essential and is crucial for any product launch checklist. It determines the way in which you are going to travel in the future and the plan for growth with respect to the product. 

A product roadmap should also showcase how high-level initiatives and planned work aligns with company and product strategy. It is an evolving document and should be separate from other planning artifacts, such as a list of customer ideas and feature requests, a backlog of future work, or bug reports.

In a product launch plan checklist, it is important to have a specific place for your roadmap. Infact, it should be given top priority. It will allow you to work towards the next goal of intensifying the product. 

You can use a roadmap to communicate product direction and progress to internal teams and external stakeholders. Roadmaps also allow product teams to assess new requests for functionality against planned work. Your roadmap is your best path forward.

Easy to Grasp – Summary of checklist

Now, after reading through all these checklist pointers, what do you think? Well, that is a lot to get hold of, I agree but it is essential to make a drastic change or improvement with respect to your product launch. 

When you take the case of a SaaS readiness checklist or a website launching checklist, there are numerous conditions to be met and it takes a ton of research. Similarly, when you take a product launch checklist, it is of vital importance to make sure that all checkboxes are ticked. 

To put it all in a nutshell, this checklist is your ONE for presenting the world with your perfect product. 

Please allow me to put together all the points mentioned above in a single place. 

Product Checklist Compilation

The above image clearly depicts the crucial list for any successful new product launch checklist. Make sure that every single one is clearly followed, please don’t leave out anything. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not possible to give a blanket template for a product launch checklist. 

Each and every product is different and it needs a tailor made checklist. The points above are essential in preparing the perfect product launch checklist that can elevate your product standard from day one. 

A successful product launch checklist is essential and here is your opportunity to do it. 👍

Conclusion – How can a perfect product launch Checklist Enhance your product?

You got to answer the question – How can a perfect product launch checklist enhance the product? 

Plan a product, prepare a clear plan, map out the possibilities, and deliver the perfect product. There may be many factors to consider when launching a product but this list article is here to assist you in all possible ways to have the perfect launch. 

Set a benchmark when it comes to product launch and you are halfway there the moment you decide to follow an ideal checklist that suits your product. 

Now, I will be glad to hear what you say, please feel free to comment below about the checklist. And if you have launched a product recently, how did it go?

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